• movimento siberian husky
    Fast and light, smooth and effortless
  • Cuccioli Contea Normanna
    Shape and proportion without weakness of structure.
  • Cuccioli Contea Normanna
    Loyalty and affection authentic and rare.



  1. Selection

    Breeding and selection require management ethics and proper behavior towards our dogs.
    Our goal is to keep their dogs in better health and cleaning possible. With what we pledge to deepen knowledge about the breed, the standard morphological and genetic problems

  2. Grooming

    Since the Siberian Husky dog with a double coat, a woolly undercoat and thick, and a guard hair longer and less tight, it needs special care. It ‘important for dogs who face show career being groomed often, especially during moulting hair.

  3. Show Training

    Those who have seen at least once a show dog, know how important it is to impress and be impact while you are judged.

  4. Exercise

    A dog towed as the Siberian Husky needs lots of space in which to run and play. We do not limit ourselves to that but we train them in strength and muscle tone running on dirt.